Saturday, March 24, 2007

In Case Your Were Wondering....

Just in case you have recently purchased a new chandelier at a certain home improvement store, and saw that the box had been previously opened, but bought it anyway, and then took it home to find out that there is a big scratch on it and it is missing a glass bulb cover.....YES. That can be returned to the store. No problem. HOWEVER...... If you choose to take a few hours of sweat and tears to install it ANYWAY......and then come to the store with nothing but your receipt and your pretty smile demanding all of your money back... I won't do that. No. Nu-uh. Go away. I have rational thinking customers to deal with.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Deep Drive Thru Moment

This morning, I had an epiphany.

I was in the line up for the Tim Horton's drive thru during the morning rush. It was busy. It always is that time of day. It usually moves fairly steadily, and I wasn't in a big hurry, and I really didn't feel like getting out of the car. I was driving my husband to work, so I'm pretty sure I didn't even wear a bra. Nobody wants to see that in the morning.

The line up was moving along all right, but then it stopped. And where was I in the line? I was in that sweet spot where you can no longer back out, but you're not about to go forward anytime soon. Because some idiot who's dumber than a bag of hammers has ordered something stupid like 24 different coffees, all different fixings (not anything easy like double double or triple triple), 18 breakfast sandwiches, and 3 dozen different donuts and muffins. And, he probably forgot to tell them about all his roll-up-the-rim tabs that he's cashing in.

So, I had no choice. I had to wait. That long and eternal wait that feels so darn unfair. Because, yes, it was MY choice to go there, instead of making coffee at home or going to McDonald's or something, but it's THEIR fault because of whatever they put in their coffee to make me agree to long and eternal drive thru waits. And why, WHY, can't I just have a life where I don't have to get up so early and wait in line like all the other robots powered by caffeine?

And then I saw the car in front of me. I won't go into the details, but I knew who was in that car. I had seen it before. It was distinguishable because of the licence plate. It specifically declared them a winner. Yes, a BIG winner. A lottery winner. They won quite a bit, along with a few other people. It was in the papers. Good for them. That must be great.

And then it hit me.

THEY get stuck in the drive thru line, too. It doesn't matter. The money doesn't change it. You can have a nicer house and fancy cars and trips to Europe, but if you want Tim Hortons coffee at 6 am, and you get stuck in the same line up as all of us poor folk, the money doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it go faster.

Being smarter doesn't make it better. Being more popular doesn't make it better. Being prettier and having bigger boobs doesn't make it better. And having more money than anyone else in town, that didn't make it better, either.

So, here's the big epiphany.

Life is like a Tim Horton's drive thru. It doesn't matter who you are, what you have, how good or bad you are, or how much you pray. Sometimes life goes smoothly, but sometimes it sucks. And sometimes it's somebody else's fault, but sometimes it's just bad weather. And sometimes all you can do is wait patiently for the sucky times to end. And hope that in the end, after you go through it all, they made your coffee the way you like it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Better Late Than Never Survivor Rant

Let's just forget that I have been gone for a while. OK? Let's. It's going to be more normal, now. I am home during the days, again. Days when I can sit and enjoy a coffee at the computer, again.

There will also be more crocheting. The book is doing well, and I have been asked to do at least one more small project. I will also be submitting other ideas to the publisher. I'll show y'all anything that gets rejected.

I also want to thank all of you who have purchased a Save Spook mini-pin (see the sidebar). It's not a fortune, but it helps a bit. So, ya. Thanks. Anyone want the cat, too?

And, while I have some other thoughts, ideas, musings, rants, raves, and all around observations, I DID promise y'all a Survivor rant. So, here it is.


What the hell?! I know. I get the whole rich get richer, poor get poorer theme. But, PLEASE. Let's move on with the game. Why does it have to be a life lesson? It's just a reality TV show. We're not watching it for the betterment of our minds and souls. We're watching it to see normal (I use that term somewhat loosely) people roll around in the mud and fall into the water and sleep on piles of rocks and eat random living things pulled from the ocean and fall off of logs that they stood on for a bajillion hours. THAT's what we want, Jeff!!!! Get on with it!

The commercials are showing a big shakeup for tonight. Whatever. I'll watch it. I may even like it. But, so far, it seems very engineered to me. Yes, I know. ALL reality shows are engineered. I'm not so dense that I don't think that. I just like when they hide it really, really well.

All that being said, I would TOTALLY have been the first one voted off if my talking to much was a problem for people like Rocky. I wouldn't have even made it off the boat. Why would YOU be voted off first?

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Friday, March 9, 2007


I know. I KNOW. You miss me. I know. I miss me, too. It's been very busy here in Taradise. I've been training. And breaking in brand new steel toed shoes. Don't worry. They're cute.

I paid the extra forty bucks for the cute ones. I AM still Tara, after all.

So, yes, I now work at The Home Depot. I love the Dollar store. I really do. I LOVE the deals. But, it's not like I got a discount, and I WILL still be shopping there.

Home Depot is just more of a challenge for me. We all know how smart and funny and personable I am. Right? RIGHT? And Home Depot recognized that, too, and put me on the special services desk. Because I'm special. Tee hee.

I'm home all day today, and I have more on my mind that I want to grace my blog with. I just have to actually get some housework and crap like that done. Stupid laundry. Come see me later for my Survivor rant.

Monday, March 5, 2007

If YOU don't talk to your Mom about YARN, WHO WILL?


Buy! Buy! Buy!

Ok! It's back on sale! BUY IT! I am! For myself. And one for my mom, too! And my mother in law. And my sisters. And my dad, even though he probably won't crochet. And one for each of my kids. And my niece and nephew. Aw, heck. I might as well just use them as next years Christmas cards!

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Thursday, March 1, 2007