Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can Someone Get me Some Wine With This Whine?

Little Brat has an ear infection. Whooo. Big whoop. Ya, I heard y'all say that. I know. At least 99% of the earth's kid population has at least one ear infected at any given time. Big Brat had them all the time. Had one again last week. But, Little Brat isn't like other kids. She doesn't get sick.

This is a child who has, I kid you not, thrown up only twice in her life. I have friends that don't consider it a full day unless at least one of their kids puked. In Little Brat's whole entire 5 years and 10 months on this planet, she has only upchucked two times. And she managed to hit a nice, safe lino floor both time. What a kid.

But, now she has an ear infection. And how, oh HOW do I know she has an ear infection??? Why, she told me, of course. She told me when it started hurting......and 10 seconds later....and again in another 10 seconds....oh look, she just told me AGAIN. It's all started to blur together, really.

Over the last TWO DAMN DAYS.


And so on.

BUT.....just to make my life OH SO MUCH more fun, she's not just whining about her ear. She's whining about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. No, seriously, EVERYTHING.


I'm not kidding. I'm typing this as she talks. It doesn't stop. And it's the MOST ANNOYING VOICE EVER!

And, contrary to her insistence that she is OH SO sleepy, she doesn't stop moving. At all. Nice kids who love their mommies at least have the decency to get lethargic when sick. Not mine. OH NO. She needs to run arount the house with a 104 fever and WHINE about whatever she happens to be doing while running around.