Thursday, December 13, 2007

I forgot the words to Jingle Bells today. I think I need a break from Christmas.

No, I didn't vanish again. Were y'all worried? Just a lot going on. I'm renovating my closet. My big, giant walk in closet. All by myself. Without husbandly help. Paint, flooring, shelving. Go me. I'm trying to get it done as quickly as I can. The entire contents of my closet are currently teetering atop a loveseat. Try to find socks in there, let alone underwear.

Speaking of underwear, I just bought a new pair today. Not usually news, I know. These ones are black and gold striped, though. So Solid Gold.

I had my staff Christmas party on Sunday night. I dressed totally early eighties/late seventies. It was SO Solid Gold. I know. Big gold hoops and all. And the Hair was SO Farrah. Hot rollers were one of mankind's greatest inventions.

I'm busy uploading all the evidence (oops, I mean photos) of the Christmas party to Facebook. Somebody remind me how Jingle Bells goes, would ya?